The Product

Posted on September 1st, 2007 by Author

TEAK ( Tectona ) Tropical hardwood tree
Teak which is grown in Asia and Indo China has been for hundreds of years recognised as a valuable commodity. It’s easy working qualities and exceptional durability in the harshest of environments make it the number one choice of all timbers. It’s high natural oil content makes it resistant to insect infestation such as termites as well as extreme weather without the need of further varnishing or oiling.

Sika Marine Products
Sikaflex adhesives and sealants are extensively used in the construction of a wide range of marine craft and structures. In fact everything from pleasure yachts to passenger liners, fishing boats to tankers, and canoes to oil rigs. Sikaflex adhesive and sealant systems will provide a tough, waterproof, yet flexible bond between a multitude of materials.

The Process

Our pre assembly construction method enables quick, efficient and cost effective production in a controlled environment, In addition allowing us to provide as an option Aquadecks Teak Decking system in kit form, packaged and transported to you for D.I.Y or professional fitting. Easy to follow step by step instructions will allow almost anyone with little boat building experience to transform and enhance the visual appearance of any deck.





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