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Posted on September 1st, 2007 by Author

This page displays examples of our prestigious teak decking projects most recently undertaken and is constantly being updated…

The "Bosun Queen 55" Project

This particular project was probably as bad as you can get for water ingress, caulking and adhesive deterioration. The teak deck had leaked so bad that the fibreglass underneath needed to be stripped back and re-laid. And the extent of the water damage such that internally it had to be completely refurbished as well. In fact the deck was so bad that when bringing it back from the Mediterranean to Britain the bulkheads separated from the deck on the inside.


"Bosun Queen 55" Before Aquadecks new teak deck
"Bosun Queen 55" showing old teak deck with rusty fastenings and caulking coming out of seams...


"Bosun Queen 55" Before Aquadecks new teak deck
"Bosun Queen 55" Stripping off the old deck...
The black areas are where the adhesive has separated from the timber deck. The lighter grey areas are where water has been sitting under the old teak deck.


"Bosun Queen 55" During Aquadecks new teak deck being laid
Some pictures of "Bosun Queen 55" showing new (Aquadecks) teak decking being fitted


"Bosun Queen 55" After Aquadecks new teak deck
More examples of "Bosun Queen 55" displaying new (Aquadecks) teak deck




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